Knox County Foster/Adopt Coordinator


Job Description:

Seeking a caseworker to work one-on-one with families to promote child safety. This individual should be driven and energetic to manage a complex caseload in a fast-paced environment. Significant amount of time spent completing family assessments for foster parent certification and adoption services. Will coordinate training opportunities and focus time on recruitment efforts. May spend time in the field conducting interviews and gathering information and routine home visits.

Cooperates with the law enforcement officials, attorneys, and prosecutors.

Offers testimony at court hearings/trials periodically.

Serves as on-call worker assigned to handle after-hour emergencies. 

Minimum Qualifications:

1) a bachelor’s degree in human services-related studies, or;

2) a bachelor’s degree in any field and have been employed for at least two years in a human services occupation, or;

3) an associate degree in human services-related studies, or;

4) been employed for at least five years in a human service-related occupation.

For employment to continue, a person described in Option 2, 3, or 4 must obtain a job-related bachelor’s degree not later than five years after the date of employment with the agency commences. Per Section 5153.122 of the ORC, each caseworker shall complete at least ninety hours of in-service training during the first year of the caseworker’s continuous employment. After the first year of continuous employment, each caseworker annually shall complete thirty-six hours of training in areas relevant to the caseworker’s assigned duties. Applicant must also have a valid driver’s license.        

Application Details:       

Those interested may submit a resume via email at

Exp Date 02/14/2019       


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