Fulton County Social Service Worker 2

Fulton CDJFS

Job Description:


  • Carries a caseload of protective service investigations/assessments.
  • Investigates claims of abuse and neglect of children, including claims of sexual abuse, and emotional maltreatment.
  • Conducts interviews of children, meeting procedural deadlines governing the management of social service cases set by the State of Ohio and ensures that documentation is complete, to determine the safety of the individuals.
  • Makes home and school visits.
  • Works with law enforcement during the investigations, including the Prosecuting Attorney.
  • Removes children in an emergency and non-emergency basis, contacting the juvenile judge as necessary.
  • Places children in an appropriate relative or foster care setting.
  • Works with various other members of the community during the investigation, including, but not limited to: physicians, nurses (all medical personnel), teachers, principals (education personnel), therapists (mental health), juvenile, and adult probation, and other extended family members.
  • Makes phone calls, completes safety and family assessments, determines dispositional/resolution findings.
  • Completes documentation, and related paperwork process and determine eligibility for self-sufficiency assistance programs (PRC) which includes interviewing clients, collecting necessary program verifications, documenting client needs, discussing service alternatives, assisting in the location of goods and services, making contacts with services providers and initiating referrals or provides the service directly, such as transportation.
  • Prepares assigned cases for administrative or judicial procedures as required.
  • Provides all case information to attorneys and the judge for pre-trial custody hearings, prepare case plans and case plan amendments in the event of changes, prepare and conduct semi-annual reviews, appear and/or testify in court for children and families, prepare children and families for court, schedule annual reviews with prosecutor/court file, file abuse and neglect complaints. Prepares assigned cases for administrative or judicial procedures as required.
  • Participates in legal action to establish legal guardianship in cases, including testifying in court as necessary.
  • Meets procedural deadlines governing the management of social services cases set by the State of Ohio and ensures that this documentation is complete.
  • Competes monthly and quarterly reports and enter events into SACWIS.
  • Completes all reports/paperwork in an accurate and timely manner. 


  • Receives reports of child abuse and/or neglect.
  • Receives reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of older adults (60 years and older).
  • Completes intake information in SACWIS. Alerts the supervisor of intake of the report to determine safety issues.


  • Serves as on call social service worker (e.g. on weekends, holidays, and after business hours) for the receipt of reports of alleged abuse or neglect regarding children and adults 60 years and older.
  • Takes initial intake reports, provides crisis intervention services, interviews and conducts investigations, makes initial contact of alleged/confirmed child/elder abuse/neglect, and provides placement services as required.
  • Makes referrals to resources in the community. 


  • Attends social service related training, conferences, and other educational programs as required by rule.


Other miscellaneous duties as deemed necessary by Supervisor.


Candidates must have completed their undergraduate coursework in social work of a human services related field. LSW preferred, but not required, and experience working with at risk children and families a plus. A background record check will be required as well as a clean driving record and a valid Driver’s License.

Within two years of hire, must complete state approved 90 hours of CORE Child Welfare training requirements, and continue to meet the Ohio Revised Code requirements for ongoing training on an annual basis.

Application Details:

Deadline is April 5th, 2019
Submit a cover letter, resume and application by April 5th, 2019 at 4:30pm to

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