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Welcome to the Annual Training Conference 2017!

The event is May 18 & 19

Dear 2017 OJFSDA Conference Attendee:

 It is my privilege and honor to personally welcome each of you to the 61st Annual Training Conference of the Ohio Job and Family Services Directors’ Association. 

Since we met at our last conference you have experienced a great deal of change in your daily work.  I have heard it said that the one constant in life is change.  Nowhere is that truer than in our line of work.  You have done incredible work over the past year implementing the Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program (CCMEP), converting the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Medicaid cases from CRIS-E to the Ohio Benefits system, and implementing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act, to name just a few of the initiatives from the past year.   While it would be nice to tell you we’ll get a break here soon, there are more changes coming.  Several counties will begin to pilot the conversion of the Ohio Works First and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cases into Ohio Benefits later this year with the rest of the counties due to follow early next year.  Additionally, both the federal and state budget process may yield even more changes impacting our work in the human services system.   

This year’s conference committee worked very hard over the past year to bring you a number of sessions to help you keep up with current program rules in Ohio Works First cash assistance, the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid.  Additionally, there are sessions in the topics areas of: Leadership; Supervision/Management; Human Resources; Workforce Development; Child Care; Child Support; Fiscal; and Improving Your Work Life.  Finally, there are opportunities to network with your peers.  You are part of a much larger network of experienced, dedicated professionals who every day do amazing work with the people with whom we work.  You will have the opportunity to learn, network, share your best practices, and have some fun and relax a little.

THANK YOU for all of your hard work this year!  I truly hope that you enjoy this year’s conference.

I look forward to seeing you in May!


David S. Dombrosky, Chair

2017 OJFSDA Annual Training Conference, and

Director, Delaware County Department of Job and Family Services

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