Clermont County Budget Analyst 2

Clermont County Board of Commissioners

Job Duties:

Under the direction of the Office of Management & Budget Director, coordinates and monitors fiscal management and control activities for the County (e.g., prepares annual budgets and appropriation resolutions and effects statutory budget requirements). Monitors, analyzes and reports on status of budgets. Evaluates, recommends and processes necessary appropriation changes to ensure effective county operations. Coordinates and monitors a variety of fiscal activities for the County, establishes procedures and controls to assure accountability of property, funds and obligations. Acts as a consultant to funding recipients with regard to fiscal or accounting matters.

Establishes and implements accounting or auditing procedures; directs budget preparation for appropriation accounting guidelines, ensures compliance with applicable agency, state and/or federal regulations and assists Director in fiscal control activities (e.g., fiscal planning and policy development, monitoring of bookkeeping operations in compliance with all state, local and federal regulations).

Advises Director, and others, on fiscal and/or budgetary matters, procedures or problems (e.g., interprets applicable fiscal regulations, policies or rules).

Prepares and coordinates the preparation of a Budget and Plan, maintains and/or oversees preparation and maintenance of records, reports, studies and/or correspondence relative to fiscal activities and operations (e.g., financial statements, funding information, progress reports, financial status information). Acts in the capacity of his or her supervisor in the absence of that supervisor.

Works alone or with other persons in short- or long-term team projects to resolve problems or conflicts in any area of county operations or to complete assigned projects at the direction of any county supervisor or Department Head when assigned. Participates in cross-training and maintains proficiency in area of cross-training as necessary. New and other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Finance or Accounting or equivalent work experience. Must have a minimum of five years previous work experience dealing with complex fiscal responsibility. Knowledge of bookkeeping, cost accounting, financial accounting, public accounting, and finance (e.g., administrative regulations, financial analysis and planning, applications of funds; managerial finance). Knowledge of agency, state and/or federal statutes, rules, regulations and procedures governing fiscal activities; skill in equipment operation (calculator, video display terminal) and software applications (e.g. word processing and spreadsheet applications); ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions regarding fiscal control and management activities and ability to prepare and edit technical fiscal materials and gather, collate and classify information about data, people or things. Knowledge of public relations.

Application Details:

Must submit a cover letter, resume, and application on-line at

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