Crawford County Social Services Worker 2

Crawford CDJFS



If Assigned to Intake: Investigates claims of abuse and neglect of children and/or older adults and develops initial cases. (Allegation reports may be received directly from the reporter or from the worker performing screener duties.) Intervenes as necessary (may include working collaboratively with law enforcement) to ensure the child(ren)’s or older adult(s)’s safety; conducts face-to-face interviews with child(ren) (including forensic interviews) or older adult(s), family members and other involved parties in-house or off-site; gathers information (e.g., audio tape interviews; take photographs; write notes, etc.) needed to analyze risk; conducts telephone interviews with others (collateral contacts) who may have useful knowledge of the involved child(ren), older adult(s) or family; completes family risk assessment; determines risk or harm to child(ren) or older adult(s); obtains required releases for involved parties; develops and implements plans of action to reduce the identified risk; completes necessary documentation for compliance with applicable law; enters data in MIS (i.e., SACWIS) system(s); recommends and refers families and children or older adult(s) to services and activities conducive to safety and stability; completes and processes RSO’s as needed; conducts courtesy interviews as requested by other counties.

If Assigned to Ongoing: Maintains cases of child(ren) or older adults previously determined to require protective services. Conducts in-home assessments; completes documentation; utilizes and updates the family risk assessment; works with intake case manager to develop and obtain signatures on initial case plans; prepares appropriate amendments to case plans; prepares and submits required reports and correspondence; arranges home and placement visitation; transports customers in accordance with established rules; observes visitation and documents observations; identifies needed services; arranges and coordinates identified services; secures and maintains signed releases as required; evaluates progress toward reducing negative behaviors; documents reasonable efforts taken to reunify; evaluates placements while planning for reunification. Manages independent living cases as assigned and provides progress reports on youth transition as required intervals(3 month case review and 6 month SAR), and as requested.

Coordinates efforts with county prosecutor, law enforcement, juvenile or probate court personnel and Guardians ad Litem; collaborates and assists as needed to file complaints in juvenile or probate court based upon evidence gathered; prepares for and attends court hearings and gives testimony; provides, arranges and documents services in response to court orders; ensures compliance with all court orders; develops case plans and obtains required signatures; arranges home and placement visitation; assists with independent living services and adoption process (is not the primary foster care or adoption worker); completes home studies; ensures completeness and accuracy of all documentation, case notes and dictation; enters case and other required information into MIS system (i.e., SACWIS); identifies and arranges needed services; observes visitation and documents observations; organizes and maintains case files; participates in legal action to establish legal guardianship; reviews cases and completes necessary documentation for compliance with applicable law; transcribes notes; transports customers; utilizes and updates the family risk assessment; coordinates efforts with other case workers to ensure completeness and accuracy of documentation.

Attends required training and meetings (e.g., training required by Ohio Administrative Code, Team Meetings, Family Team Meetings, etc.). Reviews and implements current and new policies and procedures. Participates in quality control reviews and work audits. Prepares and submits required reports and correspondence. Completes paperwork in a timely and accurate manner. Contributes to team effort to assure expected outcomes and performance measures as stated. Maintains files and work area in a neat and orderly fashion. Fills in for other workers as requested. Carries pager or communications device on rotation with other workers and serves as on-call social services worker (e.g., weekends, holidays, after business hours). Other duties as assigned.

As assigned: Completes necessary steps to license daycare providers, including conducting inspections of the providers home and entering all required information into the statewide database. Conducts investigations in response to allegations made regarding a licensed provider’s home. Assists with recruitment of potential daycare providers.



Per Section 5153.112 of the Ohio Revised Code, applicants of a Public Children Services unit must have one of the following:

1. A Bachelor’s degree in human services-related studies, 2. OR, a Bachelor’s degree in any field and have been employed for at least 2 years in a human services occupation, 3. OR, an Associate’s degree in human services-related studies, 4. OR, been employed for at least five years in a human services-related occupation. For employment to continue, a person described in Option 2,3, or 4 above must obtain a job-related bachelor’s degree not later than five years after the date employment with the agency commences.

NOTE: All liability and responsibility for determining “human services-related studies” or “human services-related occupation” rests with the employing agency. Per Section 5153.122 of the Ohio Revised Code, each caseworker shall complete at least 102 hours of in-service training during the first year of the caseworker’s continuous employment, consisting of courses in recognizing and preventing child abuse and neglect, assessing risks, interviewing persons, investigating cases, intervening, providing services to children and their families, and other topics relevant to child abuse and neglect. After the first year of continuous employment, each caseworker annually shall complete 36 hours of training in areas relevant to the caseworker’s assigned duties. In addition, applicant must have valid driver’s license.


The position possesses responsibility for the safety of children by requiring the incumbent to make determinations as to whether these children are in “imminent risk of harm.” These children are incapable of protecting themselves from physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse. Injuries, if they do occur are likely to involve temporary disabilities such as bruises or cuts. Serious mistakes in terms of failing to remove children from homes could conceivably, although extremely infrequent, cause death (e.g. suicide) or a permanent disability. Additionally, the position involves performing duties which require taking some special safety precautions, such as when contacting and negotiating with a family suspected of child abuse or neglect. However, performing this duty does not require the use of protective clothing. Exposure to these situations is likely to result in threats of injury, which are rarely acted upon. However, the position involves regular exposure to environmental factors (e.g. cold, excessive heat, noise, fumes, vibration, and dirt) during interviews and meetings conducted outside of the office. The position may involve lifting or carrying children, and exposure to contagious diseases.

Starting salary commensurate with experience.

Health insurance, vision, and dental.

OPERS Retirement System





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