Wood County Protective Services Worker 3




Assesses the overall safety of children and adults; conducts phone and in-person meetings with clients at the agency or in a public place; performs scheduled and unannounced home visits and at least one monthly face-to-face home visit with clients; conducts thorough home assessments by assessing the physical safety of a kinship home.

Responds to reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation; investigates situation, conducts interviews, and assesses safety and environmental hazards; calms irate adults and/or family members; requests emergency removal of individuals and places them in foster placement as needed; responds to after- hour emergency calls during on-call rotation.

Gathers information and fully documents all contact with clients, providers, relatives, law enforcement, Prosecutor's Office and/or others related to the case; completes applications; performs interviews; enters various case information into information databases; completes case documents and reports.

Determines eligibility of families participating in foster care system; initiates contact with families interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents; conducts safety audits; obtains references; ensures home meets requirements to certify a family as a foster home; performs home visits to monitor ongoing compliance.

Assist with emancipated youth cases; reviews available services; completes emancipated youth plans; meets with youth as needed to ensure maintenance of self-sufficiency; assists with obtaining and completing job applications; registering for classes, budgeting, etc.

Communicates with community resources to verify services and to assess the need for additional referrals; communicates with walk-ins to take Adult Protective Services reports and listen to concerns; files complaints; arranges for and coordinates all protective services; completes and directs referrals to the Prosecutor's Office, Probate Court and other agencies; communicates with providers; makes referrals.

Provides community outreach and education to local agencies, organizations and the general public; networks with other agencies/providers to learn about programs; trains new employees on all aspects of the job; assists with planning and implementation of agency functions; conducts presentations; recruits families to be foster/adoptive parents; conducts and coordinates trainers.

Attends and testifies at meetings and court hearings.

Transports clients to and from visitation with their children and appointments; travels in and out-of-state to accompany clients entering or exiting agency custody.



Bachelor's degree in social science or behavioral science (degree in social work preferred) or any equivalent combination of education, and experience that provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. Valid driver's license required.



Send completed Wood County application** and resume to PSW-3, P.O. BOX 679, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

**applications can be downloaded at

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