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Amendment Proposed to Bill Requiring Photos on SNAP Cards

The sponsor of Senate Bill 165, which would require photos to be added to SNAP EBT cards, has proposed an amendment that would give additional time for implementation if the bill passes. The amendment pushes back the effective date of the bill by providing one year after passage for the ODJFS, Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Food and Nutrition Service to plan for implementation. At the end of the planning year, the original deadlines included in the bill would kick in.

Those deadlines are as follows:

  • Six months after the planning year, new cards would have to comply with the photo requirement; and
  • One year after the planning year all cards must be compliant.

OJFSDA appreciates the efforts of the bill sponsor to continue to work on the implementation questions we have raised. We have requested that, should the legislature consider enacting this legislation, further stakeholder meetings occur with representation from all involved state and local agencies that may be responsible for operationalizing the photo identification concept to ensure there is a clear understanding of each entity’s role and responsibility in ensuring a smooth implementation both for the system and those being served. You can read our full testimony here.


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